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Will Professionally Translate French to English or th... for $5

I am a native English speaker from Nigeria but lived and studied in France for 15 years.I will translate English to French or French into English for you up to 1000 words...

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Do Transcription For Up to 5 min Audio or Video for $8

I can transcribe any type of English audio mp3, mpeg, mp4, windows media or videoavi,Dvix.Transcripts help with SEO.I have high standards for quality and want to do the b...

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translate any work 600 word for 5 English to Arabic ,... for $5

translate any work 600 word for 5 EnglishArabic and vice versa including typing , coordinating and editing for all type like books , articles , blogs ... etc highquality ...

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Translating 1100 words between English - French - Ara... for $5

I have been learning English for 9 years and French for 15 years. Arabic is my mother tongue.I will always be available to translate any type of article in few hours. I c...

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translate books from English to Arabic and vice versa... for $125

translate books , articles , websites , magazines ... etc from English to Arabic and vice versa 100 page for 125I either type and coordinate this translated work as you...

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Translation Transcription Data Entry for $10

Translation of any content from arabic to english, english to arabic, arabic to french, french to arabic, english to french and french to english.Transcription of any typ...

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Professionally Translate Arabic to English or the opp... for $5

I will do professional translation of any text not exceeding 500 words Arabic to English or the opposite descriptions, Articles, Messages, Letters, Reviews, Blogs, Storie...

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Article, Bookmarking or Blog Posting (50) for $10

If you buy 50 articles or blogs or bookmarking or others posting for 10, I will give you five articles free only, It is a large offer for you from.I am highly anxious, am...

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translate English to SPANISH from Spain for $14

I will translate any type of text from English to Spanish. Human, natural and fluent feel translations.Unlimited revisions until you are happy with the results.100 satisf...

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will do translation from English to French in 2days for $10

Hello, Bonjour,we will translate any text from English to perfect French. we can translate any types of documents books, articles, ads, etc. we do manual work. we dont us...

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ARABIC TO ITALIAN Translations for $10 per 250 words for $10

Hello Im Imane and Ill be glad to translate you texts from Arabic to ItalianIm a moroccan girl born and raised in Italy, so my accuracy in these two languages is 100 guar...

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Hello, I am Imane and I will be glad to translate for you any type of text, article, correspondence except for medical and legal texts for 5 per 300 words.If you have mo...

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I translate any text from English to excellent Russia... for $5

Hi, I am native Russian speaker and advanced in English. I will translate any text from English to excellent Russian quickly and accurately, including general, technical,...

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Translate enlish to romanian and viceversa for $5

I will translate any texts up to 5000 words romanian english,english romanian.I will do the translation fast,accurate and cheap. The translation will take me only 24 hou...

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Translate English To French for $20

I will translate 500 words from English to French for 20. Price discounts for large orders or returning customers Accurate human translation and localization Unlimited r...

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Translate English To Chinese Or Chinese To English for $20

Translation services between Chinese Simplified Traditional Mandarin and EnglishPlease attach the file such as doc, pdf, xls. txt., or type the texts in the message box...

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Translate English To Spanish 500 Words for $20

I only do manual translations that will sound natural and will do research and use special glossaries to be sure every word is in the correct context. Automatic translati...

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English to French Translation for $5

I am a 23rld lw school grdut, born and rd in Cmrn nd multlngul since childhood I k Englh, French nd German. I hv wrkd a frln trnltr fr vr 5 years nw nd hv mtulul trnltd...

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translate english to any language for $10

I am a very skilled language translator with a lot of experience in this field.I am very skilled in translating any language like Chinese,Japanese,Spanish,German etc. to ...

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Translation from english and arabic to turkish andper... for $5

TranslationEnglish and Arabic translation into Turkish, Persian and Azeritranslation services. For 4 only, I will translate up to 900 words from English to French within ...

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Translate English To Italian, Spanish And French for $10

Each article translated is 10I am a 26yearold psychiatrist graduate, I have been travelling since I was born, I have lived in South Korea, Nigeria, Australia, Japan and A...

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English Sentence Restructuring for $1

Choose this service if you want us to restructure or write sentences on a full page on Microsoft word.We will correct mistakes in sentences per page and rewrite your mes...

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i will translate 3000 words into any language of your... for $5

i will translate 3000 words of your choice into any language of your choice for 5,we promise to give you high and standard words of your language, order this gig leave a ...

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Translation from English to Arabic for $5

Im from Egypt. My mother tongue is Arabic.. I studied English in the university and I worked as a translator since 5 years. I work with some translation institutes. I tra...

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perfectly translate 500 English words to Swahili for $5

Hello, do you have a document you would want to be transcribed from English to Swahili or vice versa with the highest precision, then look no further. I will do this job ...

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Translate english text every 1000 words! for $20

I will translate any english text for just 20 every 1000 wordsYes, any kind of textWebsites, web content, ebooks, newsletters, etc. except legal documentsin any editable...

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Translate English To Arabic and vice versa 700 Words for $5

Hello,My name is Wardan and I will translate English to Arabic or Arabic to English.I will do research and use particular words to be sure that every word is in the corre...

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translate into arabic for $10

translate English articles or sound in to Arabic language professionally in very short period . Arabic is a nice language which need careful understanding to give same m...

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Translate English to French,German,Spanish and vice V... for $5

looking for a professional translation then this is where you need to be I am a professional translator with over 10 years experience providing great services for individ...

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Translate English/Arabic/French for $5

I am trillingual. I am very fluent in arabic native, french native and english.If you need a manual translation in theses languages, Im here at your service.300 words or ...

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